Unique Animal Artworks & Custom Commissions.



Graphite. Pastel. Acrylic. Ink. Mixed Media.

Examples of previously completed hand drawn/painted art. The most colorful pieces are created using a mixed media technique on suede board. Some are more realistic done with traditionally executed techniques. All commissions are drawn and painted from photo references provided by clients. Please be sure to visit my store to see prints and originals available for purchase.

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Danielle Rosalie Pellicci was born and raised on the beautiful east end of Long Island in New York. Her creativity and talent was developed and encouraged from childhood, a gift passed down from her grand parents. She went to college for fine art after graduating high school with a scholarship to L.I.U. Southampton. Growing up on Long Island situated between NYC and "The Hamptons," her early life was well saturated with art influences. As an adult however, she chose to pursue a different passion, and, in a warmer part of the US. For many years Danielle worked hard to become a very successful professional competitive dog trainer.

Today, she lives with her husband Steve and their multiple dogs, cats, chickens, and bees on a quiet South Carolina "mini farm."

Her art has gone through many phases over the years, ultimately developing from a very personal perspective; combining her passion for art with her love of animals. Never content with standing still, she is always is a state of hustle balancing artwork, managing her home, training her dogs and enjoying a life full of nature and healthy living. 


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